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The Centerville Cemetery Association was formed on December 29, 1894, for the purpose of organizing, maintaining and overseeing the needs of the Centerville Cemetery, which is located in Centerville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The cemetery is approximately one acre in size. The first lot was purchased by Emanuel Siefert on January 31, 1895.



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The Centerville Cemetery Association is a not-for-profit organization. We are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(13) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations made to the cemetery are tax-deductible and should be made payable to the Centerville Cemetery Association.




Centerville Cemetery
745 Centerville Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
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History of the Centerville Cemetery Association

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The directors of the Centerville Cemetery Association met for the purpose of organization on December 29, 1894. The following officers were elected: Amos B. Harnish, President; Hiram B. Bossler, Secretary; Jacob F. Shenk, Treasurer.

On June 4, 1895, the directors met and agreed that John Maley, Jacob Shenk and Abraham Bossler pay on hundred dollars each as their prorate share of the Cemetery grounds.

On July 12, 1895 the Charter of the Centerville Cemetery Association was filed as an association with the State of Pennsylvania, County of Lancaster, Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County.

The rules and regulations for the cemetery were presented and agreed upon on August 31, 1895 and Abraham S. Bossler was elected Superintendent of Grounds. Included below is a copy of the original By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations.