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The Centerville Cemetery Association was formed on December 29, 1894, for the purpose of organizing, maintaining and overseeing the needs of the Centerville Cemetery, which is located in Centerville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The cemetery is approximately one acre in size. The first lot was purchased by Emanuel Siefert on January 31, 1895.



Not For Profit

The Centerville Cemetery Association is a not-for-profit organization. We are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(13) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations made to the cemetery are tax-deductible and should be made payable to the Centerville Cemetery Association.




Centerville Cemetery
745 Centerville Road
Lancaster, PA 17601
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Purchasing a Plot

Lot Rules

  1. Plot: The term plot shall apply to a space of sufficient size to accommodate one adult interment approximately 3 by 10 feet.
  2. Lot: The term lot shall apply to a numbered division as shown on the cemetery chart which consists of two or more plots.
  3. Lots are available on a per grave basis, minimum of two graves.
  4. No lot shall be used for any other purpose that for burial of the human dead.
  5. Lots or plots must be paid for in full before any interment is made.
  6. The management will take reasonable precautions to protect lot owners, and the property rights of them from loss or damage; but the management disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, and, especially, from damage caused by the elements, common enemy, thieves, vandals, malicious mischief makers, explosions and unavoidable accidents.
  7. The general care assumed by the Cemetery shall be to maintain a well-kept appearance and keep records of all burials. It does not include repair of, or replacement of, any memorial stones or their foundations. If a foundation becomes necessary, the expense shall be assumed by the family. If the family line is deceased, then the Cemetery association will assume such cost.
  8. Lot or plot holders can pass on to their immediate heirs any unused plots, but they cannot sell or transfer them to any person without the consent of the management, which shall issue a written permit and make any charges involved in the change of ownership.

The cost of a plot is $350.00 with a minimum of 2 plots purchased per lot.

In addition, there is a $250.00 one-time charge to open graves for burial. This is used for maintenance of the plot after burial.

Anyone interested in purchasing a lot from the Centerville Cemetery should contact Centerville Cemetery using our contact form.